DJ Services (3 Hours)

Looking to pump some energy into your crowd and get them up and moving? Our DJs know all the right music to get any crowd on their feet and have a great time. Hiring a DJ is a great way to drive patrons to your business. Make things even more exciting with a themed night such as 80’s night, Hawaiian luau and many others!


Music Bingo

Ever-growing in popularity, our music bingo game puts a new spin on the classic! Instead of drawing numbers, we play songs. When those songs come up on your bingo card, mark it and you will start making your way towards scoring bingos. We build customized playlists around your venue’s demographic that will get everyone singing along and having a great time. Add a little trivia, and you’ve got a recipe for an awesome night! Your guests can play by themselves or on a team of up to four players. Add a prize of your choosing or create a league to ensure your patrons come back every week!


Trivia Night

A trivia night is a great way to engage your crowd and get them using their brains in a fun and interactive way! Want to have Harry Potter or Seinfeld trivia night? We’ve got you covered for that and virtually any other theme you would like. Or if you’d prefer, we can provide a general trivia game that is appealing to all.


Karaoke (3 Hours)

Give your patrons the opportunity to sing their hearts out and be a karaoke all-star! Karaoke is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and for good reason. It’s always a good time, and with our library featuring over 35,000 songs, everyone is sure to find one that gets the crowd going!


Acoustic Open Stage (3 Hours)

Every community has amazing local talent! Give your community a place to showcase their skills with an open stage night. We provide the guitar and microphones. They provide the talent. You can choose to allow a variety of acts including musical, comedy, poetry, etc. Or just limit it to one or more areas. Musicians can bring their own instruments and equipment as well, and we will get it hooked up into our sound system for a night that musicians and patrons alike will not forget!


Electric Open Stage (3 Hours)

Take your open stage to the next level with full electric instruments! We provide mics, electric and bass guitars, as well as a drum kit. Full bands will have the opportunity to show what they’ve got. They can bring additional instruments, such as keyboards too. It’s a great tool to scout new bands if you have a venue that provides live music. Your local musicians will love to come in and jam for your crowd!



Service Non-Peak Price Non-Peak Extra Hour Peak Pricing Peak Extra Hours
DJ Services $200 $50 $300 $75
Music Bingo $200 $50 $300 $75
Trivia $200 $50 $300 $75
Karaoke $200 $50 $300 $75
Acoustic Open Stage $200 $50 $300 $75
Electric Open Stage $300 $75 $400 $100


-Peak Pricing is Friday and Saturday Evenings after 5:00 P.M.

-Non-Peak Pricing is Sunday through Thursday and includes Saturday matinee shows. Matinee shows must begin no later than 2:00 P.M. and be finished by 5:00 P.M.